Well done: Sklavenitis filled with food and not only the house of the grandmother who stole meat from a supermarket

Sklavenitis filled the house where the grandmother lives, who stole meat from a supermarket in Greece, with food

chilia mpravo o sklavenitis gemise me trofima kai ochi mono to spiti tis giagias poy eklepse kreas apo ta lidl GRANDMA, SLAVENITIS

Ο Sklavenitis filled with food the house where the grandmother lives, who stole meat from a supermarket of another well-known chain, with Twitter users talking in the best words about this supermarket chain, which is not the first time that the social her face.

Panic was created on the internet yesterday, Thursday, with a supermarket of a well-known chain in Ilion, which sued the grandmother, who allegedly stole meat and cheese.

While initially the company filed a lawsuit, due to the dimensions of the issue, it was forced to withdraw.

Sklavenitis showed his social face again

Information from singleparent.gr and Twitter users report that today, Friday, Sklavenitis's van unloaded food and basic necessities at the home of the 70-year-old woman.

Twitter users praised Sklavenitis







via: Enimerotiko