COVID-19/ Greece: He refused to be intubated and died in the hospital emergency room

The doctors thought he should be intubated, but he refused - Shortly afterwards he breathed his last.

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A 66-year-old man who was suffering from coronavirus left his last breath in the Emergency Department of the Lamia hospital.

The 66-year-old was transported by EKAB ambulance to the hospital of Lamia.

After the examination, the doctors decided that he should be intubated, however he refused. A little later, unfortunately, he left his last breath in the Emergency Department.

Meanwhile, the situation in the hospital of Lamia remains stable. The covid clinic treats 56 people while the Intensive Care Unit remains full with the 12 beds occupied.

In the last hours there were 7 admissions and 3 extractions while 3 patients were transferred to the polyclinic.

At the same time, one patient was transferred from the ICU to the covid clinic and one from the covid clinic to the ICU.