Greece: Vaccine doctor records visit to doctor - "I went to a swab"

He curses her and drags her by uploading the video on Facebook

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There are many anti-vaccines that go out of bounds, as can be seen from the video of a woman who went to a doctor in Patras with her child, recorded the visit with her mobile phone and then dragged the doctor by posting it on Facebook.

When the discussion came about the vaccine, the doctor allegedly told the girl to come in and turn off the vaccine herself, from her cell phone, something that angered her mother. The vaccinator uploaded the video on the social network where she was commented by other vaccinators.

"I went to a swab because my child had a stomach ache. I'm crazy, I threw away my clothes. He told me “have you not been vaccinated? No baby car […]. nor is it. "But she did not do that."

Watch the outburst of the anti-vaccine in the video of

Source: edaily