GREECE: Little Athena "left" who was bravely fighting brain cancer

The news that 13-year-old Athena passed away after a battle with cancer has caused sadness in the local community of Laconia.

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The local community of Laconia has been saddened by the news that 13-year-old Athena passed away after a battle with cancer.

Until the end, she tried with online lessons to stay on the path of progress that she had set in her new homeland.

The father is shocked when he talks to me surplus heart for the doctors of Hagia Sophia.

There are no words to describe how the society of Xirokambio Sparta feels in Laconia.

13-year-old Athena passed away

On Friday, the eyes of a sweet and fighting girl that everyone will remember with pain and love were finally closed. The 13-year-old Athena Abazai, originally from Albania, did not win the battle with brain cancer. So on Friday, December 10, little Athena "left".

Her family, parents and 16-year-old brother Fotis cannot realize what has happened. Although the battle with cancer had lasted months, no one can admit that sweet Athena is no longer alive.

A girl who had to but also wanted to progress in her new homeland. He went to school and despite being stricken with cancer he gave real battle. Although she lost a year, she did not give up by taking enough online lessons to stay within the path she had set in her life. But life itself could not keep her close.

Relatives, friends, classmates and the youth of the area are all shocked but will remember Athena as a girl with a thirst for life and learning, an example to those who loved and knew her.

Athena's father Giannis Abazai finds courage in unspeakable sadness and with a surplus of heart thanks the doctors at the Agia Sofia Children's Hospital: "These people are Saints.

They have their own families but on their shoulders they also hold ours. They did what they could but evil did what it wanted τελικά

I also thank the Flame Association for standing by those who are being tested, hosting children and parents in perhaps the biggest test of their lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family. " he says in a trembling voice.



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