GREECE: Roma shot four police officers with rifles

The Roma took the carbines and shot 4 policemen

roma pyrovolisan me karampines tesseris astynomikoys sta megara polîsικοί, ΠΕΡΑΜΑ, Ρόμα

Four police officers were injured after episodes marked with Roma in a protest rally in his honor 20hron.

The four police officers were injured by a carbine during incidents that took place last night in Mansion.

The gathered people engaged in a stone war against the police forces, burned tires and stopped the traffic of vehicles in the old Athens-Corinth national road. The traffic was stopped in both streams, at the height of Megara.

Two members of the squad that were at the spot, accepted shards from a carbine on his feet and were taken to the 401st Military Hospital. Two other police officers were injured by stones, one of whom had to be taken to hospital.

Similar rallies of Roma protests, with roadblocks, took place at the 95th kilometer at the height of Zevgolatiou but also on the highway Corinth - Kalamata, at the Arfara junction, in Messinia.

via: Enimerotiko