Greece: He killed the 28-year-old while she was talking to 100 and running to save herself

The details of the murder that took place on Monday night in Greece are dramatic

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Dramatic are the details of the murder that took place on Monday night a short distance from the Agioi Anargyro Police Station, with a 28-year-old girl falling dead from the blows her 39-year-old ex-partner managed to inflict on her with a knife.

According to the latest information, the girl, who in 2020 had requested protective measures, reporting rape and beating by the man who would become her killer after 4 years, went to the police station on Monday night with a friend, his statement which will shed more light on this tragic case.

There, according to the same information, the girl did not press charges but allegedly said "I'm afraid" to the female officer on duty and asked for a patrol car to take her home.

However, according to what the female police officer allegedly testified, she informed the 28-year-old and her friend that there was no police car available and therefore suggested that they call 100. The same police officer allegedly said that the 28-year-old replied that she would she and her friend called 100 while leaving the AT.

However, when the 28-year-old left the police station and while according to information she had called 100, she received the murderous attack from her ex-partner with the operator of the Immediate Action having heard what happened outside the AT of Agios Anargyron. The man approached the girl on a motorcycle and then she started running towards the department - that is, back to a safe place - to save herself. The 39-year-old chased her and unfortunately caught up with her and killed her.

Given the fact that the crime took place a short distance from the police station, in addition to the investigation into the killer, an investigation is also being conducted into what preceded it inside the AT.

"From what we found out, he is the girl's husband, he stabbed her in front of the department and also injured himself. It happened very quickly. As far as we know, the couple had a fight and the girl had come to file a complaint. The police didn't have time to do anything at all. He stabbed her when he left the department, then he stabbed himself in the neck and was caught by the police," a witness to the incident told