Greece: Photos of 38-year-old who complains to a well-known plastic surgeon about deformity are shocking

"The girl has permanent damage and scars that will never come back"

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A 38-year-old woman saw her life ruined - as she states - after plastic surgery that changed her face. Today she is asking for 850.000 euros from the well-known plastic surgeon who allegedly brought her to this situation.

"Breakfast" showed photos of how her face became after the failed plastic surgeries, which cause disgust. The 38-year-old flight attendant tried to contact the man who paid to perform the operations, she did not answer the phone and when she finally found him, she suggested that they finish it by giving her 5.000 euros.

The lawyer of 38-year-old George Katsaridis also spoke at Proino: "It has not been restored yet. The girl has permanent damage and scars that will never come back. At five o'clock she saved her right eye, because the abscess from her lips went to hurt her. Apart from the appearance issue that has deforming scars, the woman can not drink with a straw, when she speaks drops are thrown. He fell into depression, is being monitored by a psychiatrist and is receiving medication. "