GREECE: He kept her locked up and threatened her because she wanted to divorce him

He had been referred 14 times for domestic violence

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Abuse of women is a daily occurrence, with incidents of domestic violence being reported to the police and judicial authorities.

A new complaint is coming to light, this time at South Pelion. A 54-year-old man after a fight with his 55-year-old partner at his home, he hit her with fists and kicks and when the woman wanted to leave, he took her car keys, locked her in his house, and also threatened her with a hammer.

The woman finally managed to escape made a complaint against her partner to the AT. South Pelion, with the result that the man was arrested. But then, according to, the woman gave a new statement to the police, according to which she does not want the 45-year-old to be persecuted and stated that she wants to leave his home and be accommodated in the Abused Women's Hostel of the Municipality of Volos. as was done with actions of the Prosecutor's Office.

With a rich history of sexist abuse

The man was charged with domestic bodily harm, committed and attempted, domestic threat and unlawful violence. The 45-year-old was taken yesterday to the Autophorous Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Volos, but the trial was postponed until Thursday, November 11. The man was released, provided he did not approach the woman, nor did he have personal or telephone contact with her.

According to the same publication, the accused has a history of abuse. Information even states that in 2019 alone he has been referred 14 times (!) for domestic violence against his partners.