Inflatable with migrants ran aground on a rocky coast in Chios – Three dead

14 people have already been freed and are being transported to Kardamyla,

limeniko Migrants, DEAD, CHIOS

An operation to rescue migrants from the rocky coast of Kardamylos, Chios, has been underway since the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Forces of the Port Authority of Chios and the Port Station of Kardamylos are operating at the site.

Initial reports indicate that the migrants had beached themselves at the site in an inflatable dinghy.

Currently, there is no information about missing people at sea.

Earlier, three immigrants were found in Chios, who informed the authorities about the existence of the others.

Immediately, a search was carried out by sea with three boats and a Coast Guard helicopter.

According to the first information, 14 people were freed and are being transported to Kardamyla, where there is also an ambulance.

According to the same information, a Fire Brigade team is expected to retrieve three bodies from the rocky coast.