Glyka Nera: The pilot's first reaction to the collapsed assembly

The referral of Babis Anagnostopoulos to trial for 2 crimes and 2 misdemeanors was decided unanimously by the Athens Council of Criminal Courts

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The referral of Babis Anagnostopoulos to trial for 2 crimes and 2 misdemeanors was decided unanimously by the Athens Council for Criminal Procedure.

The accused for the murder of his wife, 20-year-old Caroline Krauts, at their house in Glyka Nera, will sit in the seat of the Athens Joint Jury Court, where he will be tried for premeditated murder, animal killing, false accusation in order to make other people suspicious criminal activity and ongoing false testimony. The trial for the case that shocked the public as much as any last year is expected to be determined soon and will probably start in the first months of 2022.

The confessed perpetrator of the heinous murder in Glyka Nera does not intend to insult the parliament, said his defense lawyer, Alexandros Papaioannidis to Greek media. "With the evidence that we will provide, with the evidence that will be checked by the judges, I believe that as much as we can we will defend the position of the accused, which is clear both pre-investigative and investigative, plus what we will add during of the trial, "he said.

The judges of the Council of Misdemeanor Courts followed in full the referral proposal made a few days ago by the prosecutor of the Court of First Instance, George Noulis, who described in detail the scene of the savage crime set up by the accused in the Maisonette of Glyko Nero, while analyzing the manner in which , at his discretion, the 35-year-old was manipulating and controlling the young woman.

In his proposal, the prosecutor's office even expresses absolute certainty "regarding the intensity of the accused's unruly mind and the cruelty and painlessness of his personality".

Characteristically, Mr. Noulis mentions "the cold and methodical revelation by him of a detailed false scenario of a raid on the crime scene by unknown third-party robbers, who allegedly committed the crimes he committed, in order to disorient the police and law enforcement authorities."

The prosecutor speaks of "hypocritical and unrepentant attitude of the accused", since "in support of this construction he made premeditated persuasive moves after the murder he committed, as he sought psychological support to keep his pretended grief from the loss of his wife" .

He also speaks of the "audacity and lack of remorse" of the accused, "as it results from his comfort and presence and participation as a" corrupt "in the religious ceremonies of the memory of his wife killed", but also of "cynicism and the greed he showed even after confessing to his actions, as he tried to justify the false scene of robbery that was carried out in order to avoid his criminal responsibilities as a result of his interest in "his daughter growing up at least with her father". That is, he should enjoy the paternity and upbringing of a child from whom he violently deprived his mother of his infancy, whom he will not even remember! ", Notes the prosecutor…

According to the prosecutor, before the fatal night, Babis Anagnostopoulos had been cultivating in his mind for a long time the plan of extermination of his wife, in order to get rid of her presence and to be left alone with their child. "This plan", according to Mr. Noulis, "consisted of two parts, on the one hand the murder of Caroline, and on the other hand the appearance of her death as a product of criminal action of third unknown perpetrators in order to avoid his own criminal responsibilities".

According to the prosecutor's proposal, the accused, "after completing the first part of the" scenography "of the countries on the ground floor of the house, went up to the bedroom where his wife was sleeping unsuspectingly and with the force of his hands pressed Krouch's head towards the pillow with resulting in the obstruction of the external orifices of its airways (mouth and nostrils). "The attempt of the accused to exterminate his wife lasted for five minutes and finally the victim ended up due to suffocation around 4:11".