He deliberately stuck a coronavirus to get a certificate and eventually his mother died

The incredible story of a vaccinator in Thessaloniki

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Sense has caused a story from Thessaloniki, Greece which became known and starred an anti-vaccine, who he wanted to catch a coronavirus to get the disease certificate, but he also caught his partially vaccinated elderly mother resulting in her death.

According to the complaint presented by the website Voria.gr, a declared middle-aged man vaccinator in Thessaloniki wanted to receive a certificate of illness, so that he did not have to get the vaccine, and deliberately did not adhere to the measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Hence the man caught a coronavirus about a month ago and unknowingly transmitted the virus to his partially vaccinated elderly mother. It is noted that the man believed that the coronavirus is a simple flu.

The old woman had delayed her vaccination, as she feared complications and was influenced by ambiguous views of her surroundings. The old woman chose to be vaccinated after restrictions on entry to indoor areas for the unvaccinated, as well as at the urging of her family circle.

The old woman had only managed to make the first dose of the vaccine and then came in contact with her son, who had been infected with the coronavirus but did not yet know it, without wearing a mask. The elderly son's vaccinator showed symptoms after the meeting with his mother, while the elderly woman showed symptoms of the infection Covid-19 a few days later.

The anti-vaccine son allegedly consulted a doctor from Volos throughout his illness. This person allegedly told him that vaccinated people transmit the coronavirus and not the unvaccinated ones, as the former have a high viral load, and prevented him and the vaccinator's mother from visiting the hospital, even when they had severe shortness of breath and needed oxygen.. The doctor from Volos reportedly advised them to have an oxygen machine at home, but not to visit the hospital, even when the saturation dropped below 90.

The old woman was rushed to a hospital in Thessaloniki when her oxygen saturation dropped to 75, and was diagnosed with acute pneumonia. Unfortunately, a few days later the elderly woman ended up with coronavirus complications, while her son continues to have serious problems with his lungs, as a result of which he needs oxygen on a daily basis.

It is worth noting that the son of the vaccinator still denies that he stuck his mother. On the contrary, he claims that his mother, who was partially vaccinated, was the one who stuck him. It remains, however, opposed to coronavirus vaccination.

via: Newsbeast