Cretan artists created a "creepy" anthem against the coronavirus! (VIDEO)

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An anthem against the coronavirus was written and performed by eight Cretan artists.

The song "Who saw spring weather…" was created with the non-profit participation of all artists and all proceeds from the song will be donated to the Athens General Hospital of Thoracic Diseases "I Sotiria" for the purchase of nursing supplies in the fight against coronavirus.

The recordings & recordings of the performers were done in an amateur way from their home, doing the right thing: "WE LIVE HOME".

Music - Idea: Antonis Martsakis
Lyrics: Theofilos Christoulakis
Organization: Antonis Martsakis, Nikos Stratakis, Spyridakis Dimitris
Orchestration - Adaptation: Spyridakis Dimitris
Lute, Mandolin, Bass, Percussion: Spyridakis Dimitris
Video - Editing: Michalis Mavrakis