Roula Pispirigou: The moment they went to lynch her mother and sister before the arrest

Roula Pispirigou and her family are in a tragic situation after her first arrest for murder.

royla pispirigkoy i stigmi poy pigan na lintsaroyn ti mana kai tin aderfi tis prin apo ti syllipsi developments, ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ ΤΡΙΩΝ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ ΣΤΗΝ ΠΑΤΡΑ, ΡΟΥΛΑ ΠΙΣΠΙΡΙΓΚΟΥ

In a tragic situation is the Roula Pispirigou and her family after her first arrest for homicide.

It seems that the situation on Bizaniou Street in Patras where the family lives Daskalakis. Crowds have gathered at the scene and are knocking on the door of the house asking those inside to come out and apologize for the deaths of the three children. People were trying to get statements from her mother and sister which were shocking.

At this time and despite the presence of its executives ELAS, a furious crowd that had gathered outside the house where Roula Pispirigou lives, broke down the door and entered inside.

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via: Enimerotiko