Psychologist for Roula: She perceived children as her narcissistic extension

What does the psychologist's conclusion say about Roula Pispirigou

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The psychiatric expertise of the psychologist appointed by the 18th regular interrogator for Roula Pispirigou was added to the file on the case of the death of little Georgina in Patras.

The 54-page report contains evidence from Georgina's paintings and conversations with her teachers, as well as from the psychologist's sessions with the 33-year-old defendant in Korydallos prison. The psychologist came to her conclusions after conversations she had with Manos Daskalakis in her office.

What does the psychologist's conclusion say about Roula Pispirigou

"The information he gives is not reliable. In many places her narrative seems untrue, in her attempt to disprove a painful reality. It is obvious that her thoughts and investments are centered around her husband, while she seems to be creating constructions afterwards, around issues of envy with other women.

The descriptions of her children allow us to assume that she perceived them as a narcissistic extension of her, called upon to represent her own speech and her own desires. "She herself did not seem to understand their fundamental developmental needs," says, among other things, the psychiatric expertise for Roula Pispirigou.

The psychologist appointed by the investigator also analyzed the paintings of Georgina that are available to the authorities. According to the expert, 9-year-old Georgina was worried and trying to work inside her and to understand the death of her two brothers, Malena and Iris, but also the fear that something similar might happen to her.

Source: First Topic