Roula Pispirigou: She broke out in prison - "They present me as a monster, what man would do that? »

Roula Pispirigou broke her silence and talked about everything, from prison, to the journalist Giorgos Sombolos and the Star.

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Η Roula Pispirigou she broke her silence and talked about everything, from prison, to the journalist George Sombolos and the Star.

In particular, the 33-year-old mother, who has been remanded in custody in Korydallos prison, accused of premeditated murder of Georgina's daughter, underlined in the telephone conversation she had with the journalist that "she is accused only with evidence" and "all day looking for evidence to prove that she is not responsible "for the death of her eldest daughter.

Roula Pispirigou does not find out what harm she has done to her children

As underlined by Roula Pispirigou "My thoughts are always on the children. Always. I never imagined that all this thing would happen that day. To blame me for her death, for Iridoula's death. George can not stand it. I have been left alone here, and I have put myself in a series of thoughts and mistakes I have made. I do not find anything wrong with children for even one reason. I try to think of blaming myself for something and I do not find. You will tell me no one would find. The thing is that they present me as a person and talk to people who do not know me. "They talk and present me as a monster."

Asked how she would react, if it turns out that the death of Malena and Iris is a criminal act, she pointed out "I believe and believe in myself that such a thing will not be proven. There is no case for such a thing. From me this does not exist. It does not exist from me, it does not exist from anyone. And to clarify something, we got a forensic one. We did not attack Mr. Agapitos either, we did everything against anyone responsible and the reason was for anyone responsible to tell us where the liver failure came from. Medicine; Cardiac? We were looking for this answer ".

And adds the Roula Pispirigou "As for the forensic medicine, we did not object to the causes of death. When we took the forensic exam with Manos, we decided that someone had to answer where the liver failure came from. But would I ever go while I had a pathological reason to chase it? So which man would do that? Then they tell me about the cloth. If I had done something wrong, I would go and give the cloth or in any other way. These are outrageous things. First of all, we have outgrown the personal data, we have shot it down. My life with Manos has become a serial. Manos is in life, he may be asked. "These things have never happened."

Roula Pispirigou's efforts to communicate with Manos Daskalakis are fruitless

Asked to comment on the phrase of Manos Daskalakis who wishes to enter the cell with her for half an hour, he noted "if it turns out for the other two children he said. I said that I would not comment on Manos's attitude. That's what I said to the lawyers and that's what I said to the outside world. But after you ask me… Manos… I have no communication. I had three phone calls with him, all and all with him and then he cut off communication. I can not know how Manos thinks. If the mother of his children had killed his children, or at least one of the three, and he has taken it so lightly, what can I say… I made some fruitless efforts. His attitude is inexplicable "and she added that she was expecting something more than the attitude of her estranged husband and the least -as he said- he can do is to ask her" why me? why our children? ”.

"I'm waiting for the truth, even late for our children," she said Roula Pispirigou and did not fail to mention her psychology in prison, that she does not sleep well at night and searches all day and all night for evidence to prove that she is not the one who killed Georgina.

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