Roulas Pispirigou: Her apology continues - What she said about the indictment

She was limited to talking about the relationship she had with her child

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The apology of Roula Pispirigou for the criminal charges attributed to her in the case of the death of her daughter Georgina continues today before the Mixed Jury Court.

From what everything shows, the defendant's apology is expected to be long and detailed, because it will focus on the critical and "suspicious" incidents mentioned in the voluminous file for the period when the 9-year-old was in and out of nursing institutions, until she took her last breath from ketamine overdose.

What she mentioned on the first day of her apology

During the first day of her apology (November 15, 2023), after categorically denying that she caused her daughter's death, Roula Pispirigou limited herself to talking about the relationship she had with her child, described the family's daily life and outlined the character of the 9-year-old girl who, as he pointed out, had nothing to do with the image brought to the court by prosecution witnesses. In other words, he was not a lonely and scared child but "very sociable", "the most gifted child in the world".

"I know her, I raised her! There was no way Georgina could ever say or do anything to her without telling someone else. If someone had interfered with her body, there was no way...", said Roula Pispirigou with tears in her eyes, asserting that "It never occurred to me to harm even a single hair of my daughter...".

What did he say about the heavy indictment?

Referring to the heavy indictment, the accused spoke of "speculations" and not clear medical data and indirectly turned against the hospital doctors, arguing that "the two parents never found out what the child had or why he had a seizure. Never!".

At the end of the first day, the defendant stated “Forgive me, and I have resentment and I have anger. And I've talked to gods and demons and I don't get answers."