In Athens the oldest street in Europe - Where it is located

It was the path of Theater and Fine Arts.

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Plaka is one of the few districts of the capital -if not the only one- which inhabited uninterruptedly since antiquity. So, as one can easily understand, it is an area full of historical references. In fact, it has the oldest road, not only in Greece, but throughout Europe.

This is Tripodon Street, which is mentioned in the book with the Greek Guinness records, as the longest street in the city, which has kept the same name for almost 25 centuries.

It was once one of the widest streets in ancient Athens, six meters wide. It was the path of Theater and Fine Arts. The shortest road, which led directly from the Theater to the Agora.

It took its name from the bronze tripods placed along it. "There is a street from the rectory called Tripods;, Pausanias reports in "Hellas Perigigisis". The tripods were sponsors' prizes in theatrical competitions that were often dedicated to the god Apollo.

A large part of today's Tripodon Street is a continuation of this ancient road. Surely on a walk in Plaka you have crossed this road.