Alarm in Thessaloniki: He went out on the balcony and fired a shotgun - Four injured

synagermos sti thessaloniki vgike sto mpalkoni kai pyrovoloyse me karampina tesseris traymaties THESSALONIKI, DRUNK, SHOOTING

A scene taken from a movie was lived by the residents of Thessaloniki, Greece when they heard gunshots falling from the balcony of a drunk.

A shooting incident took place on Friday afternoon in western Thessaloniki.

According to his information thestival, a gypsy, who was in a state of intoxication, went out on the balcony of his house and opened fire with a carbine. The incident took place in a Roma settlement next to the Ring Road in the area of ​​Kordelio.

Four people who were nearby were slightly injured by the shrapnel. He was then attacked and beaten.

The Police were notified. Within minutes, strong people rushed to the spot police force. Both the injured and the protagonist of the episode went to Diavata health center to provide them with first aid.