A man was arrested for seducing a 12-year-old inside a hotel in Athens

A 12-year-old girl was found being held by a 40-year-old man with whom she allegedly had an affair

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A 12-year-old minor was found inside a central hotel in Athens being held by a 40-year-old man with whom she allegedly had sexual intercourse. Arrested for seducing a minor.

The news comes as a shock: Men of Minors broke into the Athens City Plaza and handcuffed the perpetrator of Albanian origin who is accused of "Supporting the voluntary escape of a minor in order to treat her in immoral activities" and "Sexual acts with a minor, who completed the ».

The mother's complaint about the seduction of the minor

As iefimerida reveals, everything happened last Sunday. The mother of the minor complained that her daughter ran away from the house and that she had been seduced by a man. According to the investigation, the minor left the house without being noticed by her mother and was with the accused in the center of Athens. He took her to the hotel where they stayed the night.

According to the same information, the mother of the minor complained that she had long suspected that her daughter was having an affair with the accused, to whom - as she said - he had made repeated recommendations so as not to bother her, but her daughter has not admitted it. never. The 12-year-old, according to the same sources, allegedly denied having an affair with the detainee, but did not give a convincing answer as to why they were together at the hotel.

A juvenile prosecutor was informed about the case while the 12-year-old was transported to the Children's Hospital for medical examinations and child psychiatric evaluation.

Source: edaily