Denmark – Amusement park tragedy: 14-year-old girl killed when carriage detached from roller coaster

A 14-year-old girl was tragically killed and another 13-year-old injured when one of the carriages on a Danish roller coaster detached

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The accident happened minutes before 13.00pm local time when one of the carriages on the roller coaster became detached from the Cobra roller coaster, said the manager of the amusement park Tivoli Frichenden, Henrik Ragborg Olsen.

"The back part broke and was hanging from the rest of the roller coaster," he explained, speaking to TV2.

From the detachment of the wagon was killed a 14-year-old girl, while a 13-year-old boy was injured in the hand. The park was closed and all visitors were evacuated.

On the same roller coaster, which arrives at height the 25 meters and can develop a speed of 70 kilometers, another accident had occurred the 2008.

Then, the front came off resulting in be injured seriously four people. The subsequent investigation determined that the accident was due to a manufacturing defect.