Tempi: The list of the names of the dead railway workers has been published

The "black" list with the names of the dead has been published

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The "black" list with the names of the victims of the horrible train accident in Tempi where young children lost their lives, mainly students, from all over Greece, workers and pensioners, has been published.

According to the latest announcement by the Police, after analyzes of DNA samples at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, a total of 56 victims were identified out of a total of 57.

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The 56th passenger identified was an immigrant from Syria, while for one case of biological material taken from a relative of a missing woman, no match was made, as no relevant sample was located.

larissanet.gr published the list of passengers of the two trains that collided on the evening of February 28.

The detailed list of victims:

Panagiotis Bournazis of Evangelos, 15 years old, Thessaloniki
Anastasia Papageli of Ilias, 19 years old, Maroussi
Maria-Thomai Psaropoulos of Antonio, 20 years old, Thessaloniki
Golden Plakia of Nikolaos, 20 years old, Trikala
Thomas Plakias of Nikolaos, 20 years old, Trikala
Anastasia-Maria Plakia of Dimitriou, 20 years old, Trikala
Francesca Beza of Dimitriou, 20 years old, Thessaloniki
Claudia Lata of Edouard, 21, Larissa
Eleni Tsintza of Dimitriou, 21 years old, Thessaloniki
Anastasios Koutsopoulos of Dimitriou, 21 years old, Karditsa
Iordanis Adamakis of Adam, 23 years old, Kavala
Kyprianos Papaioannou of Christodoulos, 23 years old, Cyprus
Ifigenia Mitska of Sotiriou, 23 years old, Giannitsa
Denis Routsi of Panos, 23 years old, Athens
Agapi Tsaklidou of Georgiou, 23 years old, Thessaloniki
Aphrodite Tsioma of Evangelos, 23 years old, Thessaloniki
George Papazoglou of Lyssimachos, 23 years old, Thessaloniki
Nikitas Karatheodorou of Athanasios, 24 years old, Thessaloniki
Angelos Telkeridis of Christos, 24 years old, Naousa
Kalliopi Porfyridou of Lazaros, 24 years old, Thessaloniki
Anastasia Adamidis of Stelios, 25, Cyprus
Dimitra-Evangelia Kapetaniou of Kleanthi, 25 years old, Thessaloniki
Elisavet Hatzivasiliou of Nikolaou, 27 years old, Thessaloniki
Dimitrios Aslanidis of Pavlos, 27 years old, Thessaloniki
Ioannis Karasavvas of Antonio, 28 years old, Thessaloniki
Sotirios Karageorgiou Dimitriou, 28 years old, Thessaloniki
Elpida Houpa Christos, 29 years old, Athens
Dimitrios of the House of Efthymios, 29 years old, Alexandroupoli
Panagiotis Hatjicharalambous of Vassiliou, 29 years old, Attiki
Nikolaos Nalbantis of Dimitriou, 29 years old, Thessaloniki
Dimitrios Massalis of Angelos, 30 years old, Maroussi
Sophia-Irini Tahmazidou of Anastasiou, 32 years old, Thessaloniki
Vaios Vlachos Christos, 34 years old, Karditsa
Mia Mohammad Edris of Sahed Mia, 34, Bangladesh
Athena Katsaras of Athanasios, 35 years old, Athens
Culea Ionel of Petrica, 35, Romania
Elena Durmika of Antoniou, 35, Germany
Spyridon Voulgaris of Panagiotis, 35 years old, Maroussi
Vaia Bleka of Anastasios, 43 years old, Larissa
Andreas Pavlidis of Prodromos, 49 years old, Thessaloniki
Ioannis Voutsinas of Panagiotis, 49 years old, Piraeus
Maria Mourtzakis of Georgiou, 52 years old, Heraklion
Vasilios-Kyriakos Kottas of Andreas, 52 years old, Thessaloniki
Evangelos Bournazis of Dimitriou, 54 years old, Thessaloniki
Ioannis Tzovaras of Konstantinos, 55 years old, Lamia
Chrysi Koukariotou of Hippocrates, 56 years old, Drama
Vasiliki Chlorou of Panagiotis, 56 years old, Larissa
Maria Egout of Dimitriou, 56 years old, Thessaloniki
Maria Miari of Spyridon, 56 years old, Corfu
Georgios Fotopoulos of Ilias, 57 years old, Switzerland
George Koutsoubas of Ioannis, 59 years old, Amaliada
Bozo Pavlini of Sokrat, 62, Albania
Evangelia Dos Santos Silva of Hippocrates, 63, Drama
John Kariotis of Stylianos, 63 years old, Attica
George Kyriakidis of Dimitriou, 67 years old, Tashkent

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