The JOKER in red: 3,9 million euros in tonight's draw

JOKER night with 3,9 million euros - Deposit of tickets in OPAP stores or via internet until 21:30

29 6 2021 Business, Draw, JACKPOT JOKER, Joker

With a record of distributed profits for 2021, he says goodbye to JOKER in June. Tonight's draw of the game - the last of June - is expected to distribute at least 3,9 million euros to the big winners.

This is the biggest prize in its first category JOKER in 2021, an amount that has been raised after eleven consecutive jackpots.

Players who want to claim the 3,9 million euros have until 21:30 to complete and submit their tickets at OPAP stores throughout Greece or online at and the JOKER application.

Over 12 million euros for seven big winners in 2021

The series of jackpots at the JOKER started on June 3. Two days earlier, in the draw on June 1, a lucky player, who correctly guessed the 5 + 1 numbers drawn by the lottery, won 1,8 million euros.

Since the beginning of the year, the JOKER has named seven big winners who have won a total of 12.230.928 euros. The biggest prize of 3.162.676 euros was distributed in the draw on May 16th. The "golden" ticket was played at an OPAP store in Kifissia.

Three weekly draws

The JOKER has three weekly draws that take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 22:00. Players can watch the draws of the game live on the OPAP YouTube channel, on the website or in the JOKER application.