Tragedy / Crete: Father finds his son and brother dead in a tank

The tragic event took place while cleaning works in an area with plastic tanks with raki

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The local community of Crete is shocked by the tragic death of a 50-year-old man and his 16-year-old niece, who lost their lives while cleaning a place with plastic tanks with raki, in Agia Varvara, Heraklion.

According to the new information that comes to light, the father of the unfortunate 16-year-old was the one who saw the lifeless bodies of both his son and his brother in the tank, as reported by

The chronicle of the tragedy

It all happened late yesterday afternoon when the 50-year-old along with his 16-year-old nephew were in the private cauldron that the man had to prepare it so that they could later take out their raki.

The two men wanted to clean the must tanks, however, while trying, they lost consciousness from the fumes and found tragic death.

For a long time they had not given signs of life with the 16-year-old twin brother worrying and informing their father. He went to the premises and saw his son and brother dead, notifying the authorities.

Men from the fire brigade, an EKAB ambulance and the police rushed to the spot.

The two bodies were retrieved by the fire brigade and the rescuers of EKAB transported them to the Health Center of Agia Varvara with the doctors not being able to offer any help.

What the authorities are looking at

Police have launched an investigation into the incident to clarify the exact causes of the double tragedy.

Two are the most common scenarios under consideration: The first states that both men were in the tank to clean it and were poisoned by the fumes while the second states that the 16-year-old came in first and when he was dizzy the 50-year-old came in to help him without , unfortunately, result.