Tragedy in Greece: 8-year-old dead from heat stroke - She was left in the car

According to information, the 8-year-old was spotted by a passer-by in Chalandri


The tragic incident happened in Chalandri. According to information from MEGA, a passerby saw the little girl in the car and understood that she was unresponsive. Call the authorities immediately. The little girl was immediately taken to the hospital where her death was confirmed, which came from heat stroke.

The girl's parents were arrested

The girl's parents, a 27-year-old Roma and a 29-year-old Roma were arrested, brought to the prosecutor's office on the charge of fatal exposure of a minor, and it is now being investigated how the child was found in the car and how many hours she was there, resulting in her tragic death.

Similar news has been coming to light lately from all over the world, with experts pointing out that in a very short period of time, cars can turn into ovens in the summer.