Scenes of an ancient tragedy at the Larissa hospital – A mother is looking for her daughter (BINTEO)

The tragedy in Tempi causes pan-Hellenic sadness

Screenshot 2023 03 01 20.00.24 Tempe, TRAGEDY, tempe tragedy

Scenes of ancient tragedy outside the hospital of Larissa, when a mother wails for her daughter who is missing after the accident in Tempi.

The... stones also bent hearing the cries of the mother shouting: "Where is my girl?" Along with relatives who try to support her, the heartbroken mother searches for answers to the tragedy that has befallen her.

Screenshot 2023 03 01 20.00.56 Tempe, TRAGEDY, tempe tragedy

Dramatic scenes have been unfolding at the hospital since the morning as many relatives are waiting either to learn something new or for the body of their loved one to be identified. Also 36 are dead, but there are fears of more than 50.

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