Tempe accident: How the deadly train collision happened - Their route

The route followed by the two trains that collided in the fatal accident in Tempe has been put under the microscope.

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ERT analyzed in the news bulletin the route followed by the two trains, before they collided, resulting in the accident in Tempi.

According to the chronicle of the collision of the two trains in Tempi, the Intercity train, number 62, was running the route from Athens to Thessaloniki. It started at 7.22 pm and was traveling at a speed of about 160 km/h.

The destination was to arrive from Athens to Thessaloniki. Correspondingly, that is, from Thessaloniki to Athens, the commercial train was moving in the opposite direction, carrying two passengers. The collision took place at the height of Evangelismos, which is very close to Tempi, where the two trains coming from completely different directions collided on the same track.

According to the first indications, the fatal error occurred there, as the first data and information show that it is a human error.

The train accident took place at 11:30 in the evening and then the investigations began.

Initially today, the press representative of the Fire Brigade, fire chief Vassilis Vathrakogiannis, said that the dead are 36, however this number is expected to increase, as reports already speak of at least 40 people who have lost their lives. The injured are 66, with 6 of them hospitalized in ICU beds and their condition considered critical.

Regarding the two trains, there were 342 passengers and 10 staff in the first, while 2 staff in the second.