Tragedy - Tempe: 38 dead, 72 injured - Identification of victims continues

So far, 17 DNA samples have been taken from the bodies and 23 samples from relatives of the passengers for the process of identifying the victims

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To 38 amount to dead from the fatal accident in Tempe, according to the latest official information.

The representatives of the Fire Department and the Police, in the latest updated information, stated that the official number of dead amounts to 38. Alongside, 72 are hospitalized with injuries in hospitals.

"The search and extrication operation at the scene of the train crash is ongoing and will continue overnight." as announced by the competent representatives of the authorities.

"At this time, 72 firefighters with 24 vehicles, 3 teams of the Special Disaster Response Unit and 2 teams of the Special Forest Operations Unit are operating, while the presence of the National Immediate Assistance Center is continuous.

"The forces, having completed their searches in the first class carriage, the passenger train, and the dining car, are now operating in the first passenger carriage of the second class. It is recalled that the identification process in the restaurant car was carried out under extreme conditions of high pyrothermal load of the order of 1.300 degrees Celsius, which made the relevant process difficult.

"At this moment, with the help of the crane vehicles, the first train of the second carriage is being raised so that the rescue teams can attempt the entire width of the second carriage.

"Also, an effort is being made by other crane-carrying vehicles in order to remove the two engines of the commercial train from the scene, in order to facilitate the search and extrication work, but also to free the railway line.

"It is recalled that from the first moment the Special Plan for the Management of Human Losses was activated by the General Secretary of Civil Protection.

»At the same time, the first Army and Military Units of Thessaly were activated according to the alert protocol.

"Also, the IKAROS Team of the Regional Fire Administration of Thessaly was activated with unmanned aircraft, for aerial surveillance, and all the Fire Services of Thessaly were put on General Alert.

"So far, they have been withdrawn 38 dead. From the 72 hospitalized patients passengers, 15 were discharged and they remain for hospitalization 57 passengers, of which 6 in the Intensive Care Unit.

During the operation, 194 passengers were transported by 5 buses to Thessaloniki, by a 6th bus 20 passengers were transported to Larissa and 8 passengers were transported to Katerini.

The information from the police representative about the fatal accident in Tempi

"At this time, the victim identification process who have been transferred to Larissa General Hospital. For the biological identification process so far they have been taken 17 samples DNA from the bodies and 23 samples by relatives of the passengers.

Also, from the site of the accident, the collection of the personal belongings and luggage of the passengers continues by the forces of the Greek Police.

At the same time, under the supervision of the competent prosecutor, pre-investigative material has been collected from the Larissa station office, the scene of the accident and other points of interest.

It is recalled that a 59-year-old citizen has been arrested by the Larissa Traffic Department, while the preliminary investigation continues.

A total of 70 police officers have been deployed to the scene of the accident and to the Larissa General Hospital.

Relatives of the victims and injured have headed to the hotels that have been allocated.

It is recalled that in addition to the psychologists who have been at the Larissa General Hospital since morning, a team of psychologists has been set up from the Psychosocial Support Hotline 10 306 and calls the relatives and families of the injured and victims in order to provide them with psychological support and guidance.

A further update will follow for any development."