Decision for installation of photovoltaics in schools

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The Council of Ministers approved a joint proposal of the Ministries of Energy and Education for the installation of photovoltaic systems in schools.

The Minister of Energy George Lakkotrypis said that it concerns a plan for installation from 5.2 kilowatts to 20 kilowatts in public schools and the implementing body will be the Ministry of Education, which will be responsible for selecting suppliers, etc.

"We consider that it is a very important move, which brings green energy to public education," said Mr. Lakkotrypis, expressing hope that there will be other similar steps with the Ministry of Education to increase Renewable Energy Sources in domestic consumption.

On the same subject, the Minister of Education, Costas Kadis, stated that it concerns all schools whose roofs are suitable for the installation of photovoltaics and that the number of schools will be in the three digits, but it has not yet been precisely determined.

"We are in advanced consultations with both the Legal Service and the Audit Service and with the competent services of the state and the EAC, we have reached a very close agreement that we are currently working on, so that the EAC can undertake the installation of "After the legal procedures are followed in our schools, no costs will arise for the Ministry itself and we will gradually reap, through depreciation, the resources that will result from the energy savings", said Mr. Kadis.

Source: KYPE