Scholarships were awarded to students of 4 universities by Huawei Cyprus

39 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 4 Cypriot universities received their scholarships from the Seeds for the Future Scholarships Program of Huawei Cyprus

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As part of the latest Seeds for the Future Scholarships Program, the scholarship awarding ceremony was held on Wednesday, December 14, to 39 undergraduate and graduate students from 4 educational institutions in the country. Through the Seeds for the Future Scholarships program, Huawei supports talented young people from around the world and motivates them to achieve their goals. Huawei Cyprus actively participates in the Program, thus contributing to the education of students from Cyprus.

The University of Cyprus, the European University of Cyprus, Frederick University, and the Cyprus University of Technology were the institutions that took part in the Seeds for the Future Scholarships. Undergraduate and graduate students in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) disciplines had the opportunity to participate, broaden their horizons through the Program and be rewarded through it.

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The scholarship award ceremony took place at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia. The evening started with the welcome of the General Manager of Huawei Cyprus, Mr. Wu Hao. The rectors of the 4 university institutions that participated in the program were also present and spoke about the value that the cooperation of the Universities with Huawei Cyprus creates for the students.

In his speech, the Rector of the University of Cyprus, Professor Tasos Christofidis said: "By awarding these scholarships, Huawei is investing in the future of Cypriot society and the academic world. Scholarships are not only a valuable financial aid for students, but also a reward for their efforts and a motivation to continue their academic research, realize their potential and succeed in the ICT industry, in which Huawei is a the world's leading provider".

In his speech, the Rector of the European University of Cyprus, Professor Mr. Andreas Efstathiou said: "It is highly commendable that Huawei has been organizing talent programs such as Seeds for the Future and the ICT Academy since 2008. We note with great satisfaction that the European University of Cyprus is one of the Universities in Cyprus participating in this year's scholarship program. These programs have benefited more than 1,5 million people in more than 150 countries around the world."

In his speech, Professor Christos Themistos on behalf of Frederick University said: “We would like to congratulate Huawei for this and many other initiatives undertaken with academic institutions around the world, aiming to further promote the development of digital talent. The engagement and strong collaboration of our academics and students with industry is one of Frederick University's main strategic goals."

In his speech, the Rector of the Cyprus University of Technology, Professor Mr. Panagiotis Zafeiris noted: "I want to personally thank all the participants from Huawei and the University, for creating a strong collaboration and I want to thank the company for their generous offer, as a total of 7.500 Euro scholarships will be awarded to 9 students of the Cyprus University of Technology"

The event was also honored with their presence by the Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus, Mr. Liu Yantao, and on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Ms. Terpsa Konstantinidou, Director of Higher and Higher Education. Mr. Liu Yantao and Mrs. Konstantinidou also awarded the scholarships to the students who were honored at the event.

In her greeting, Ms. Terpsa Konstantinidou, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, said: "I am particularly honored to be at this event and I feel excited that we will award the scholarships to the top students of the Seeds for the Future program. I would like to take this opportunity to praise and congratulate Huawei for undertaking such a great and unique initiative."

The program's scholarships are in the form of financial support, which aims to

motivate students to innovate, giving them the flexibility to pursue every opportunity that comes their way. Young people who have proven potential to transform the future of technology deserve support. The Seeds for the Future Scholarships program helps students overcome potential obstacles and thus follow their dreams and achieve the goals they have set. Through this financial aid, the future of the students is supported and a lasting benefit is created for Cyprus.

The scholarship program is part of Huawei's Seeds for the Future program. Through this, young people from all over the world have the opportunity to visit Huawei's facilities in China and experience cutting-edge technologies up close, train alongside leading industry professionals, and also get in touch with Chinese culture. Huawei Cyprus has been working with universities in the country as part of this program for more than four years. This was the second time that scholarships have been awarded in Cyprus, through the Seeds for the Future Scholarships program.