The 4.000-calorie meal demanded by a death row inmate as a last meal

Donald Grant asked for a hearty meal for his last meal before his performance

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An Oklahoma inmate, Donald Grant, who was executed, asked for a last meal, a rich and full of calories, while the guards were surprised by the three bowls of strawberry ice cream he asked for.

After comfortably enjoying his last meal, on January 27, he was given a lethal injection and became the first man to be executed in the death penalty in 2022.

The menu of his last meal included in addition to plenty of food, chicken with sauce, six egg rolls, fried rice with shrimp and a large fried apple. It is worth noting that the ice cream was not on the menu from the beginning and he asked for it extra, however they satisfied his wish. His total meal exceeded 4.000 calories, although the usual demands are around 2.000.

According to reports, he then chanted, invoked God and said "I have things to manage, while he also said" Brooklyn for a lifetime "!

On July 18, 2001, Grant was charged with robbery at La Quinta Inn in Del City, Oklahoma, killing two women: Brenda McElyea, 29, and Felicia Suzette Smith, 43. Grant was 25 when he committed the bloody robbery. The women had succumbed to their gunshot and knife wounds.

"I am sitting at home cleaning my gun with the intent to kill," he wrote in a letter of confession, according to Oklahoman.