Australia: The unvaccinated for COVID-19 they are 16 times more likely to die

The situation internationally

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Citizens who have not been vaccinated against it COVID-19 the New South Wales Department of Health said in a report as officials urged citizens to be immunized.

Ministry figures show that only 11% of the 412 people who succumbed to the Delta outbreak in the last four months, as of early October, were fully vaccinated. The median age of these victims was 82 years. Only 3% of people admitted to the ICU had received both doses of their vaccines.

More than 63% of cases between June 16 and October 7 were unvaccinated. "Young people who have received two doses of the vaccine have lower rates of infection and in almost no cases have a severe form of the disease, while those who have not been vaccinated in the same age group are at greater risk of developing (severe) symptoms. COVID-19 "They need to be admitted to a hospital," said Carrie Chad, New South Wales' chief health official, in a statement.

Record of deaths in Bulgaria
Bulgarian health authorities record another 24 deaths in the past 334 hours due to complications COVID-19, an unprecedented number, as the country of the European Union where the lowest percentage of the population has been vaccinated has been faced with a fourth wave of the new coronavirus pandemic. The number of SARS-CoV-2 cases confirmed during the same period was 5.286, well below the October record.

India: 332 deaths due to COVID-19, over 10.000 cases
The Federal Ministry of Health of India announced today Tuesday that 24 cases of SARS-CoV-10.126 have been confirmed in the past 2 hours and another 332 patients have died with COVID-19. With 461.389 deaths out of a total of 34,38 million infections since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in its territory, the subcontinent of 1,3 billion inhabitants records the third heaviest death toll in the world in absolute numbers.

Germany: More than 21.800 cases of the new coronavirus, 169 deaths
Confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Germany have risen by 22.832 in the past 24 hours to 4.804.378, according to figures released Tuesday by the Robert Koch Institute, the country's epidemiological watchdog. The deaths of 169 patients with COVID-19 have raised the death toll from a new coronavirus pandemic in the country to 96.727 to date, according to the same source.

Britain: 57 deaths due to it COVID-19, over 32.000 cases
The British health authorities announced yesterday Monday that in the previous 24 hours 32.322 cases of SARS-CoV-2 were confirmed and 57 patients with COVID-19. Officially, the new coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom has claimed the lives of 141.862 people out of a total of 9.334.231 reported infections. The death toll includes only patients who died 28 days after being diagnosed with the virus. 8.966 patients were treated in British hospitals yesterday COVID-19. Infections fell by 16,6% in the last week, but deaths rose by 8,2%, according to authorities.

Vietnam: Nearly 8.000 cases of new coronavirus in 24 hours
Vietnam's Ministry of Health announced Monday that 24 SARS-CoV-7.988 infections had been confirmed in the past 2 hours, bringing the total to 976.672. The account of patients with COVID-19 who have succumbed has now reached 22.598, according to the same source. As of yesterday, the country of 98 million people had received more than 91 million doses of vaccine for COVID-19, according to the Ministry. The vast majority of infections with the new coronavirus in Vietnam (exactly 971.711) have been diagnosed since the end of April, when the current wave of pandemics, due to the most contagious Delta variant, occurred.