Dermatologists warn of low-cost hair transplants - "Bell" for surgeries in Turkey

Report by "El Periodico".  

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Hair transplants performed by unskilled personnel can leave abnormal results and cause infections, writes the Spanish newspaper El Periodico, stressing that the International Society of Hair Surgery is launching an information campaign on the dangers of pirate clinics. "Especially for Turkey, a country where the government finances hair implantation centers and is therefore cheaper than in Spain, dermatologists have sounded the alarm," the Spanish newspaper wrote.

In many countries, hair transplant centers have become more expensive, which has led doctors to sound the alarm: Beware of "low-cost" hair transplant clinics, because the cheap can prove to be very expensive and not only that. aesthetics, but also for health. The International Society for Hair Rehabilitation Surgery (ISHRS), which brings together more than 1.000 doctors from 70 countries, has launched a campaign to persuade those who want to have hair transplants to recognize the most dangerous practices and, above all, to be informed before leaving their heads in specific hands and choose centers that offer guarantees.

Doctors and inexperienced staff
The ISHRS reports that 77,5% of physicians surveyed claim to have seen six or more cases of failed hair transplants each year. Thus, in some "pirate clinics", especially in Turkey, the transplants are performed by "technicians" and not by doctors. Dermatologists advise hair transplant candidates to be skeptical of those centers that ask for less than 4.000 euros, for example in Spain. This is because in addition to aesthetic problems, they can cause serious infections.

Diagnosis through photographs
The problem with transplants, in Turkey for example, is that usually the diagnosis of whether or not the implant can be made and if there is a good raw material has been done remotely, through photographs, and sometimes the analysis fails.

If complications arise or the customer is not satisfied, it is difficult to claim compensation due to the distance.

In Spain the legislation is more protective, but there are also low-cost clinics, which can cause similar damage. According to surveys, only 45% of hair transplant recipients in Spain are very happy with the result. Sergio Vano, director of the χο's Trichology Unit at Ramón y Cajal Hospital, says: ». Dr. Vano recommends that those who find hair transplant solutions that cost less than 4.000 to 5.000 euros be wary, at least in Spain.

Proper medical diagnosis can address the problem with less aggressive and complicated techniques than transplants. In this sense, he warns that it is wrong to believe that there is no medical treatment to prevent baldness. "In the majority of patients, if diagnosed and treated early, you can avoid hair loss," warns Dr. Vano.

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