A teenager slaughtered his family shortly before time changed

killer MURDER, USA

He killed his parents, his sister and a family friend

A 16-year-old man killed his parents, sister and an elderly family friend by shooting them with a semi-automatic rifle just before midnight on New Year's Eve in Long Branch, New Jersey.

The teenager, whose name was not disclosed, was handed over to the police without any resistance. Authorities do not know at this time what his motives were.

Police were notified at 23.43 local time on Sunday of the shooting at the family home. Officers who arrived at the scene found dead father Steven Colossi, 44, mother Linda, 43, the perpetrator's sister Brittany, 18, and family friend Mary Schultz, 70.

The 16-year-old's brother and his grandfather, according to a report by the French News Agency, which broadcasts the corresponding Athenian, escaped as they had left the house earlier.

New Jersey prosecutors have prosecuted the 16-year-old - who is being treated as an adult - for murder and possession of a firearm.