It became her nightmare from the moment she rejected him on Tinder

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"You have no reason to say no, you are on a dating site"

The scenario is rather familiar, as more and more people do not understand from "no" anymore, insisting on a game lost from the beginning.

And that reveals a series of messages shared on Twitter by the girl who signs as @gothhunny, with a guy who became her tight corset for no other reason than the simple fact that she did not want to go out with him.

The girl uploaded the screenshots of the messages they exchanged, explaining that they did not match the type in the popular dating app, but he searched and found her and now sent her sacking messages on her Instagram page.

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She said "no" six times, but he kept on sending, having everything from begging and misleading messages to creepy and scary.

"Obviously you want to meet new people. But instead of real men, you will choose a little boy ", he tells her initially, while the degree of horror is gradually escalating:" girls like you are the reason why men are bastards. So if a man has ever been bad, harmful or bastard to you, just remember this conversation. YOU are the reason. So take responsibility. "