Nikos Tsoumanis: The last messages of the football player before he was found dead in his car

The messages were found in the hands of the Police, after the search on his mobile phone.

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The death of Nikos Tsoumanis had shocked his place football and not only 5 of last October.

The forensic report on October 6 ruled out the possibility of criminal proceedings and essentially confirmed its basic scenario suicide as he stated: The death of the 31-year-old football player was suffocating and came from a cervical ligament with three loops.

Ο Epirus The footballer allegedly proceeded to the granted step, drowned by the debts, tying up his neck with tape in his car.

In the days before the tragic event, it seems that he was communicating with a coach whom he respected and highly valued, in his attempt to find a solution.

The television "Trial in the Open", on the day of the athlete's name day, he published the last messages he had sent and showed his despair gradually, experiencing a very difficult situation and while he had not been paid by three teams.

The messages were found in the hands of the Police, after the search on his mobile phone.

See the messages revealed on the show:

MESSAGE September 4

- "Coach, what are you doing ?? Are you from Thessaloniki ?? I would like to meet soon at some point I want to discuss something, not about football but something very personal. You are a person I appreciate and I believe you will be able to find me a solution. When you can answer me "

- Good evening, Nikos, I am from Thessaloniki

-Good evening.

- Do you want me to bother you tomorrow at some point or not?

Call me and let 's meet

Ok, good morning. "

MESSAGE September 17

"Coach, thank you for giving me hope. I wish you all the best, we will be in touch good night and thank you for understanding me and helping me.

- We will fight it with all our might, Nikos

-I have the time to push myself every day but you did me and I felt that everything will go well.

-Good evening coach

"Good morning Nikos".

MESSAGE September 18

- "Coach, what are you doing? I've been holding on since morning I wanted to send you if you have any younger. I'm very anxious coach I hope it closes positively I do not know what to say now.

MESSAGE September 20

"You have the appointment tomorrow, coach, I can not help but think about it, I'm waiting for how and how to pick me up and tell me everything is fine. I think only positively. Sorry I sent you while you told me you will be Sunday but I am very, very anxious.

I beg you coaches arrange it in you I have the last hope. If it goes wrong I have no choice but to tell you. I beg you that everything goes well. I think about this all day.

Nikos, you do not need to tell me more. I have since knocked on two other doors during this time they did not respond and let me help them a lot in the past.


-Ok ».

MESSAGE September 21

- "Coaches good evening and good start you started νω I wait when you can call me I am really very anxious all day I do not hide it. If necessary, I will give you the license from the car, if necessary, until the date we said, I have nothing else.


-Yes, coach, I beg you, I have no other choice, we have to find this money, time is a little, stress has overwhelmed me and if we do not succeed, I do not know how I will react.

-At least I should give it to you who know the story and have an extra security that I will give it to you. Please

- Nikos, do not tell me such things. Not even as a thought to pass through your mind. I'm waiting for them to call me.

-If they do not invite you to parties please. Okay. They did not call you coaches eh?

- Ok ok

-I'm literally on burning coaches. I wish everything goes well. Coaches took you? "

- Coach, I'm really crying, please solve my issue, I beg you in the Virgin Mary. I am begging you.

- Nikos, I have already had conversations with people I did not want to talk to.

-The one you were waiting to talk to and you think will solve it, please pressure him to do it, I will give you permission.

- I have no other solution if it goes wrong, I have one solution left, you know.

- Nikos, do not mention the license again, this does not matter.

- I do not want to think that it will go wrong but I am anxious. I do not sleep. I do not eat. I can not wait. "I just trust you really."

- "Isn't there a new coach?"

MESSAGE September 22

- "Nikos, I remain awake and I wait as they told me, despite the fact that my eyes are closed because today I got up at 06:00 I will not sleep, I am waiting.

Sleep my coaches, sleep true if it is written by Panagathos to help us they will help us tomorrow. Sleep and rest.

I start and get used to it and lean towards the decision you did not want to make. Sleep and rest. Good morning. "And tomorrow is."

-Coats do we have any newer? Good Evening.


I had a bad feeling.

Ok ok coaches I will wait for your news.

Will be in touch".

MESSAGE September 23

"Good morning coaches, if necessary, please use the license I told you about my car or any paper you want to make together to be completely covered for any amount you want, please close it soon."

Coaches, in addition to the money until January, I told you that as soon as I get rid of the tax office in December, I will make the applications and get a small loan from the bank. help me get it right away and i can give you extra for the hat. I beg you sincerely convince me please to close it true. I will make you any extra paper you want.

MESSAGE September 27

The amount of coaches is very small, I think we can close it and get rid of the stress.

When there is news let me know.

"Ok, let me know here on viber".

MESSAGE September 28

"Good morning my coach, what new did we get you?" After the marsupilami turned the blonde sashman, do not be afraid of anything. You're training we talk later with forgiving coaches but I'm stressed over time.

Good workout.

I will be anxiously waiting for your news.

You are done?

Coach are you here?

Did you finish training?

All good coaches;


Did you finish training?

All good coaches;


You are done?"

MESSAGE September 29


Coach, you welcomed your brother.

You are busy I know…

But I do not sleep at night…

Do we have something new?

Nikos, I am still in Athens.

"Sorry, when are you coming back?"

MESSAGE October 1

"Have a good month, coach?

I look forward to the truth.

If all goes well, get the coaches as soon as possible.

And today, if possible, I will manage to put them on as soon as possible ".

- "I'm bothering my coach"

MESSAGE October 2

"Good morning coach.

Sorry for the inconvenient hours but I'm drowning.

I'm sorry again.

I will wait for you to send me ".

At what stage are they coaches? I think about all this and I hold on to it.

"Monday is the last day, coach, I can't stand it."

MESSAGE October 3

Coaches where are you?

I am dying of anxiety.

Send me a message not a phone call on viber or normally only a message I am with the woman ".

MESSAGE October 4

"Good morning.

I was burned in a few words.

Thank you for trying anyway.

Thank you sincerely.

I have made my decision.

Thank you again my coach.

Coach delete all messages and calls because they will search my cell phone in a few days, delete everything.

But everything.

Call messages.

Are you giving me your word that you will do it? "

October 5 last (missed) call…