New Scam with Deceptive Emails – This is how the smart ones work

See image of the misleading messages

kinito tilefono smartphone sms scam, Cyprus Post, messages

The Department of Postal Services informs the public that recently there have been increased reports of sending misleading phishing e-mails, specifically regarding filling in recipient and address information and paying a small amount.
Phishing is an act of deceiving internet users, in which the sender impersonates a trusted entity, organization or person, inviting the recipient of the message to follow the instructions given to them.

These instructions may ask the recipient to follow a link or provide their data, such as sensitive private information, passwords, identity or passport details, bank account, bank card and others.

Citizens are urged to be especially careful, no matter how plausible the sender or the messages they receive may seem, so that they do not fall victim to fraudsters who act in this way.

Finally, it is pointed out that the payments are not directed to the online payment platform of JCCSmart nor to the website of the Department, but to another electronic address.

image 190 scam, Cyprus Post, messages