Vaccine: Germany is considering sending the negatives to a psychologist

What other proposals are on the table?

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Compulsory counseling psychotherapy is one of the measures being considered by the German government for the unvaccinated, after the country failed to meet the target of vaccinating 80% of the population by the end of January.

By Monday, only 75,8% of Germans had received at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, a performance that leaves Germany behind other European countries such as Italy, France and Spain, according to the European Control Center. and Disease Prevention.

In about a month, German parliamentarians are expected to vote on a plan for mandatory vaccinations, but opinions differ.

Chancellor Olaf Solz has advocated for all adults to be mandatory, but has met with backlash even within his own party.

Two alternatives are currently on the table, according to Reuters: compulsory vaccination only for those 50 and older, or providing psychological counseling for those who have not been vaccinated, without compulsory vaccination.

Due to the Omicron variant, the number of cases Covid-19 per 100.000 inhabitants per seven-day jumped to 1.176,8 on Monday from 1.156,8 a day earlier.

That translates to 78.318 new cases per day, according to the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases. To date, 9,81 million infections have been confirmed in Germany.

According to Health Minister Carl Lauerbach, who was due to meet with state health ministers later Monday, Omicron may increase the number of new cases to 400.000 a day.