Cruise ship passengers experienced Titanic scenes (VIDEO)


Titanic scenes were revived on a Caribbean cruise ship as 50 of the 9 cabins on deck were flooded.

A crack in the firefighting system of the Carnival Dream cruise ship that had sailed from New Orleans to the Caribbean, caused the entire corridor to flood.

According to a passenger on the ship, all those staying in the cabins were taken to the spa area and slept on yoga mats.

Marla Dean Haase, a cruise ship passenger, posted photos and videos on Facebook showing the rushing water covering a corridor inside the ship.

"Friends of FB is a rare moment on the internet, we are cruising and flooding, we heard the violins and silverware collapsing," Haase wrote. "Or say a prayer for everyone."

The passenger was referring to the music from the band that was heard until the last moment during the sinking of the Titanic.

The video shows the crew trying to remove the water with buckets: