Doctor became a father at 83, "All I want is to reach 105 to see him graduate"

The story is moving where an 83-year-old doctor became a father and wants in every way to see his son graduate from school.

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The story moves where one doctor 83 years old he became a father and wants in every way to see his son graduate from school.

This doctor became a father at the age of 83 and today we will learn his story.

Bringing a child into the world is the greatest joy in a couple's history, and although it is more common to have a child between the second and fourth decade, there are times when the miracle of life may surprise us in old age.

This happened to the Argentine doctor alberto cormillot, who married a woman 48 years younger than him and became a father at the age of 83.

83-year-old doctor: A life dedicated to improving the health of a country

Born on August 31, 1938 in Buenos Aires, he is her most famous nutritionist. Argentina. Throughout his long career, he has helped thousands of people with eating disorders change their lives.

He has achieved this through obesity treatment institutions, educational activities and media messages.

The purest love knows no age or prejudice.

Although recognized for his great career, his personal life came to light in 2019, when he announced that he was going to marry Estefania Pasquini, a woman who was 48 years his junior.

And in 2021, they welcomed their first child. As for his child's diet, the doctor said that he and his wife agreed that their child would not eat any salt or sugar for the first 2 years.
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With the news of his paternity at that age, unfortunately, it was not long before biased comments came from third parties, such as when some journalists said ironically that "the child is a little orphan" and wondered how long he could be present in his son's life. of.

The couple, however, remained strong in the face of criticism, as they were both convinced of their decision and no one was going to take away their joy.

"Everything these people said last week we as a couple had discussed from the beginning. I did not ask myself the question (about age), I do it now, since people started mentioning it "said the doctor.

For her part, the mother knows that one day the father of the child will no longer be close but it is something she is ready to face when the time comes:

"They do not say anything that I do not know or that we have not discussed with Alberto. "Even my friends have told me that at some point he will leave life because that is the cycle of life but then they will be by my side to support me.", he confessed.

Finally, the couple's dream came true on September 17, 2021, when the long-awaited baby, Emilio, was born in perfect condition. 2 days later, they went home together to start their new adventure.

Cormillot already knew what it was like to be a dad for more than 50 years, after the birth of his daughter, Reneé, and later his son Adrián.
But the time that has passed since the birth of his last child and young man, as he confessed, makes him feel like a father for the first time, as he now discovers modern things about babies:

"I do not remember much from the experience anymore. Yesterday we went to look for strollers, so we made one wheelchair lesson. These did not even exist then, they were much more primitive […]. In the past there were cloth diapers that were washed and today they are completely different ", he said.

His children have accepted their father's decision for his new life and their new brother despite the years that separate them: "My son said he would have someone to play with and having a brother is something he would like. And Renee, as a woman, is ambivalent. On the one hand she is happy and on the other it is difficult for her ", he said.

Having a child at 83 is landmark. Alberto is a true reflection of the fact that older people can live in a very positive way, and criticizes society's negative attitude towards them:

"People are biased towards an older adult, there is a cliché: an older one can not have children or have fun […]. A single-parent family may have a child, but not an elderly one. This thought is not very wise.

He is an elderly citizen overload, is disposable, not even recyclable and many "buy" this view. "I do not buy it and I never bought it," he said.

Although life has struck him, the way he deals with age is remarkable. Remains active with tap dancing and aerial dance: "I have had cancer twice, a disease related to the elderly, and x-rays show that my knees have been shot, as have my shoulders and spine.

Overall, I've collected more than 30 injuries. There seems to be a contradiction between my medical history and my life because you see me and realize that I do the same things I always did. ", he said.
1063 83 YEARS OLD, doctor, ELDERLY
Despite the challenges he faces with his age, he said he wants to live until 105 to see his little son graduate. "I will not be able to become like a young father of 30, that's for sure, but I will do what I can," he said of his story.

He added that he left a very special gift for when Emilio grows up. "I got him a phone call and I send him WhatsApp messages and I record stories, I send him photos and I tell him what I'm doing."

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