A woman got into her car and discovered a naked man

She was driving in the city, with him hiding in the trunk

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A young woman from Canada recorded in a video on TikTok a naked man whom she discovered in the trunk of her car. In fact, he was there for three days.

Bethany Coker, who posted the video in question on TikTok, claims she had no idea the man was in the trunk of her car as she drove through the city, doing various jobs. Before she discovered him, the "smuggler" of her car had not said the slightest word.

"Why are you in my trunk and why are you naked?" Coker first asked the "intruder" of her car, to get the answer that it was some kind of ritual. She then asked the unknown man to find out how he managed to get into her car, and he replied that "he is the pope's son".

A video released by Canada shows police approaching her car as the man's bare leg protrudes from the trunk. Then he is heard asking if he can wear his pants, with one of the police officers answering that "they would appreciate it".


This guy has been in my trunk since SATURDAY fully naked. It's currently Tuesday. Guess I found out where the mud came from… #whatthefuck #foryou #fyp nakedman #subaru #icannot #wtf

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According to Coker, the man had been reported missing and was found and taken to a psychiatric clinic.

"We were in the car together as I was going to the supermarket, to the sushi restaurant, to work. "He did not make a fuss," says Coker.

According to the Daily Mail, the young woman explained that she noticed the first sign that her car had been broken into six days ago, when she found the driver's seat covered in mud. The conclusion he had drawn then was that a homeless man had broken into it to sleep at night. So he cleaned the seat with steam and considered the incident over.

What she did not know, according to her, was that the "invader" had not left but was hiding in the trunk. Three days later, as she was getting ready to get in her car, her blurred windows caught her eye. Entering the vehicle hesitantly, she heard a voice saying "hello" and saw the man.

"At first I thought someone was joking with me, but when they realized what was happening I kept pulling with my cell phone because I did not know what could happen. I did not know this man even if he was dangerous. "He hid in my car for three days without saying a word," the young woman explained to Global News.

Source: edaily