Italy: Gradual lifting of restrictions and bans

What exactly will happen in a few days in Italy

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has said that in the coming weeks his country will gradually lift bans and restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

"In the coming weeks we will gradually move forward with the lifting of the various restrictions imposed by the pandemic. By constantly monitoring the epidemiological data, we will announce specific dates for the expiration of the bans that are still in force. ", said the Italian Prime Minister.

"The data on vaccinations is very encouraging. We want our country to reopen, especially for our young people ", added Mario Draghi.

Today, according to the press, the Italian government has decided that for those who have been fully vaccinated, even if there is an increase in cases in some areas, no restrictions will apply.

At the same time, the Italian Prime Minister stressed that his Government wants to significantly reduce the use of e-learning and simplify the quarantine system for students. It is also confirmed that for those citizens who have had all three doses of the coronavirus vaccine and for those who became infected after two doses of the vaccine, the "green vaccinated pass" will have an unlimited duration.

There are 118.994 new cases of coronavirus in the country, while 395 patients have died due to its complications. Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. In total, 964.521 diagnostic tests were performed, 12,3% of which were positive. There are 1.524 patients in the intensive care units (25 less than yesterday Tuesday). There are 19.550 in the hospital wards, that is 323 less than yesterday Tuesday.