Italy: Misunderstanding over the election of a new president continues

Italy's major political forces continue to fail to nominate a common candidate

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Italy's biggest political forces, four days after the start of voting for the election of the new Italian President of the Republic, continue to be unable to nominate a candidate for popular acceptance. The next vote, the fifth in a row, will start at 11 (Italy time, 12:00 Cyprus time).

According to the statements so far, the center-right alliance is going to vote for one of the names he nominated in the past few days. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, the prevailing scenario is that Forza Italia, Lega and the Italian Brothers will vote today for the current President of the Senate Elizabeta Caselati, while there are hopes that her candidacy could be supported by some former members of the Five Star movement.

The center-left, for its part, is oriented towards the abstention or non-participation of its deputies and senators in the vote. "I wonder if I did well to trust the center-right so far. "I think they are trying to divide us," said Enrico Letta, secretary of the center-left Democratic Party.

Finally, Matteo Renzi, former Prime Minister and leader of the small centrist party Living Italy, said that given the developments so far, "no longer rules out the possibility of re-election of President Sergio Matarella for a second term."

Source: RES-EAP