Cancer patient wins 1 million euros in Lotto, but the miracle is different

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When money laundering is not what changes your life

A Canadian who has been battling breast cancer for a long time saw her smile, and twice.

Diane Bishop works, when her health allows, in a department store, although she will now resign from her job, as she solved her finances by winning 990.000 euros in the Lotto.

The money will not even go to extremes, but to the absolutely necessary, such as paying for an experimental cancer treatment, as despite its advanced state, the treatments seem to work.

And this is the big profit for her! As he told CBC News: "This money is not for buying a new home or traveling, it is for my survival. "I can survive now, just as my children can survive."


With the money she will repay both her own mortgage and that of her son, but she will also undergo an expensive experimental treatment in Toronto. And despite the fact that the cancer that devours her is in its last stages, she responds satisfactorily to the chemotherapy, what she calls the "second miracle".

Diane wanted to quit her job last year, but the benefits she would receive were just enough to cover the mortgage installment. She even went to the CBC in October to tell about her financial problems and many people rushed to help her through donations.

She no longer has to worry at least about money, which will allow her to focus uninterruptedly on her treatment. "It's fourth stage," he says of breast cancer, "but I'm not giving up. We will give this battle too "…