Convicted as modern-day slave traders: Workers paid half a pound an hour (pics)

They themselves lived in wealth

Convicted as modern-day slave traders: They paid workers half a pound an hour

They brought workers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and paid them half a pound an hour (λί 5 a week).

Petr Makula and his son Mario kept 19 such slaves in a 4-bedroom house without heating, water and electricity.

The investigation of the British authorities found that the two of them cleared more than 1 million pounds, taking advantage of the cheap work of their slaves.

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They will now be fined .80.000 XNUMX for their offenses and will spend some time in jail.

The BBC headline leaves no room for doubt about the action of the family circuit: "Father and son in prison for modern-day slavery in Kent".

Petr, 48, and Mario, 26, based their luxurious lives on the slavery of others. And so they lived for a whole decade, threatening their victims even with death if they tried to break it or protest the miserable living conditions.

The victims worked even 36 hours a day doing heavy manual labor. No breaks or holidays.

Petr recently ate 8,5 years and another 4,5 his son. Workers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia were found beaten to work in various parts of Dover, living in a haystack without electricity and running water.

Judge Rupert Lowe estimated, according to the data, that the criminal family made more than 900.000 pounds in a period of 11 years from the workers' drama.

Petr Makula even claimed in court that he could not pay decent wages to the workers he brought and beat mercilessly, as he could not "get out" financially.

His workers worked everywhere, from factories to car washes, and whatever they made went into the pockets of the family circuit.

According to Kent police, the slaves could not escape. They were beaten, threatened and without knowledge of English and money in their pocket, they had nowhere to go…