May: The Brexit agreement safeguards the interests of the British people

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After a stormy day, Teresa May gives a press conference inside Downing Street

The British Prime Minister said that the Brexit agreement best serves the interests of the British people.

"I am ready to protect the things that are important to us," said Theresa May, adding that Brexit was not an easy process and that sacrifices were needed.

"My approach from the beginning was to put the public interest first. "Not the party and certainly not the staff," May said, while a little earlier she had said that the position of prime minister is a great honor, but she has heavy duties.

"Negotiations started from the beginning, after 40 years," he said of the proceedings in Brussels, explaining that Britain's withdrawal from the EU touches on almost every aspect of everyday life and the security of its citizens.

Referring to the insurgency she faces in her party, but also to the possibility of division, Theresa May pointed out that the British people supported Britain's withdrawal from the EU. called to ensure that we '' leave in a way that is good for the United Kingdom. "Party MPs will see the agreement and recognize its importance, which is to protect the interests of the British people."

He also stressed that her duty as prime minister is to make the right decisions and not the easy ones.

"No to a Brexit reversal"

May categorically rejected the possibility of no Brexit, as she said it was the duty of politicians to respect the vote of the British people in the referendum. Therefore, the withdrawal of Britain from the EU is a given that will take place on March 29, 2019.

He also ruled out a second referendum, as the result of the referendum must be respected.

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