A 16-year-old girl was rescued by making the denunciation signal she learned on TikTok

How can a victim of domestic abuse seek help?

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A 16-year-old abducted teenager from the US was rescued when she made the gesture of abuse, which has become known through TikTok, to attract the attention of a motorcyclist.

On November 4, the 16-year-old was in a vehicle on a Kentucky expressway and a motorcyclist noticed that the girl made with her hand the signal known on TikTok that symbolizes domestic violence: she folded her thumb in her palm and then close the remaining fingers over the thumb.

The cyclist alerted the police saying that the teenage girl seemed deeply troubled. Police set up a blockade while the driver was trying to get out of the avenue. The 61-year-old driver, named James Brick, was arrested. He had abducted the girl from her home in North Carolina and was taking her to Ohio. The teenager is back with her family.

The Gesture for Domestic Assistance was created by the Women's Foundation of Canada, with the aim of discreetly calling for help from women without being noticed by their abusers, who are often in the same place as them.