An elderly couple cut off her view of the beach and her "revenge" is dividing the internet

A Tik Toker's video showing the trick her mother used to kick out a couple has sparked backlash

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The video of a young Tik Toker, which shows the trick her mother used to chase away an elderly couple who sat in front of them on the beach, has caused backlash.

She may have achieved her goal, but the trick her mother used Madison Gooch, in order to expel the elderly couple, was not liked by everyone.

So Madison Gooch was on a long beach with her family, when an androgynous man decided to put his chairs in front of her, thus blocking the view of her sea.

The fact that there were tens of meters of free beach for them to sit on, but they chose to sit there, irritated her and that's when her mother took action.

What did he do; He cracked some nuts and discreetly went and dropped them behind them, as a result of which many birds gather and eventually the elderly are forced to change positions.

However, their move caused reactions in the comments, while some others had it with the couple who went and sat in front of the other company.

@madison3gooch That man was heated #beachday ♬ original sound – ESOSA||CONTENT CREATOR


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