Ukraine: What if Zelensky is killed or arrested - US-West plans to succeed him

Volodymyr Zelensky refuses to flee, so the United States and the West have begun plotting what to do if he is killed or arrested.

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Volodymyr Zelensky remains in Ukraine despite Russian rumors that he has fled abroad. In fact, the Ukrainian president did not want to flee the country, even if the US side suggested it from the first moment.

According to a report in the New York Times, the United States and the West are worried about what will happen if Zelensky is killed or arrested during the Russian invasion. In fact, Anthony Blinken, in an interview with CBS, said that the Ukrainians have a plan to "continue the government one way or another" if Zelensky is killed.

"The Ukrainians have plans, but I am not going to say anything more," he said.

It should be noted that from the first hours of the war, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had stressed that Zelensky should find safe haven as he considers him an awe-inspiring opponent of Vladimir Putin, while noting that he would support an "exiled" government.

The big bet

The concerns of the USA and the West, as reported by the New York Times in their report, start from the intention for Ukraine to remain an independent country even if Russia finds a way to impose a puppet government. Having a recognized independent leader will prevent those backed by Moscow from gaining legitimacy.

The "gaps" in the Ukrainian Constitution

This issue has "ignited fires", according to officials, because the Ukrainian Constitution has certain uncertainties and because Zelensky refuses to leave his country.

There are, however, some practical and legal issues.

European Union and NATO countries have made public their military and financial donations as a way to show their support for Ukraine.

European countries have sent automatic weapons, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank weapons and defense equipment to show that they intend to support Ukraine militarily against the Russian invasion.

Continuing public support moves will be much easier with a functioning government that will accept aid even if it is in western Ukraine or in a neighboring country such as Poland or Romania.

What is being discussed in the White House if Russia occupies Kyiv

Over the past week, the NYT reports, intense consultations have taken place in the White House and in closed meetings, which focus on how assistance can be provided to Ukraine in case Russia occupies Kyiv. In such a case, the government of Joe Biden intends to continue to supply open weapons to Ukrainian forces.

U.S. officials have been urging Ukrainians not to allow senior officials to stay in the same area for long periods of time and have also advised them to protect themselves in safer areas outside Kyiv, a source familiar with the matter said. 2022 03 01t162908z 979615616 rc2sts92qssh rtrmadp 5 ukraine crisis 1 VOLONDYMIR ZELENSKY, Ukraine, Russia

The United States and its allies would like the Ukrainian government to set up a headquarters in another area, ready in case the capital falls, and there is a proposal to retreat to the Carpathian Mountains, where there is a presidential resort. Ukrainian officials, however, point out that the house does not have the necessary defense standards.

Who can succeed Zelensky?

According to the Ukrainian constitution, the representative or the speaker of the Parliament can succeed Zelensky in the presidency. This position is currently held by Ruslan Stefanciuk, a Western supporter and former close associate of Zelensky.

Last Monday, Stephanyuk was the one who signed with the president the request for Ukraine's accession to the EU, while on Friday he participated in a teleconference with the president of the European Parliament.

Western officials say Stephanyuk and others are high on the list and are determined to continue fighting the Russian invasion.

For their part, Ukrainian officials are reluctant to move Stephanyuk, but tell their allies they understand the need to secure the next day.

The "confusions"

Apart from the Speaker of Parliament, the order of succession is not entirely clear. When, for example, both Zelensky and Stephanyuk conceived of a coronavirus in 2020, Ukrainian lawmakers noted that Prime Minister Dennis Smihal should be the third in line.

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The Ukrainian Constitution provides for the positions of two deputies for the Speaker of the Parliament, but does not explain whether they also enter the succession of the President of the country.

The warnings that preceded

For weeks, even before the Russian invasion, Russia and Britain had warned of Moscow's plan to overthrow Zelensky, and despite the fact that he had publicly followed heroic rhetoric, behind closed doors he took the threat much more seriously. .

It is worth noting that the CIA chief, during one of his visits to Kyiv, had discussed in detail with the president any information he had and had warned him about the safety of his family.