They threw a family out of flight because their 2-year-old child was not wearing a mask (VIDEO)

Bad luck in US domestic flight, they took the whole world down

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A series of videos posted on social media show a Spirit Airlines employee threatening to throw a family off the plane because their 2-year-old daughter was not wearing a mask.

All passengers on the flight from Orlando to Atlantic City were eventually forced off the plane before being allowed to board later.

The flight attendant finally asked the family to get off the plane because it "did not comply" with the sanitary protocols of the mask.

"She is not wearing a mask," the clerk said, pointing to the child. "The baby?" The pregnant mom asked. "Many children do not wear masks," one passenger commented.

The father said he would do everything he could to get the child to wear his mask, but the flight attendant was adamant. "It is not my choice. You have to take your things and get off. "

Mom continued to beg: "She is a baby. It closed a month ago 2 years ago. He is trying to wear it. "

Orlando police said when they arrived at the airport, they saw people getting off the plane.

The airline claimed that the family did not comply with the instructions, despite the videos showing the couple wearing their masks properly.

He even said that everyone should wear a mask on their planes, except children under 2 years old…