War in Ukraine: Bombing barrage in Kiev - Russian army enters Kharkov

Fire at a refinery and gas pipeline - Dead 6-year-old oncology hospital - All developments

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Ukraine is in the vortex of war, with Russia to intensifies its pressure on Kiev with massive bombardments and air raids, aiming to bring down the capital as soon as possible.

According to international media, the Russian army entered Kharkov.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashenko, the battles take place in the center of Kharkov. He spoke of street battles between Ukrainian troops and Russian army special forces.

Representative of the local government called on Kharkiv residents to stay in shelters.

Fire at a refinery in Kiev

Russian missiles hit the southwestern city of Vasilkiv today Kiev, resulting in a refinery being set on fire, the city mayor said in a video posted on the internet.

"The enemy wants to destroy everything around", said the mayor of Vasilkiv, Natalia Balasinovich.

Videos that have seen the light of day show huge flames rising in the sky.

Explosion in a gas pipeline in Kharkov

According to Reuters, military forces blew up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv, with a video that saw the light of day show a large fire mushroom after the explosion.

Reuters emphasizes that it is not clear at this time how important this pipeline was and whether the explosion could disrupt gas transportation to areas outside the city or country.

Despite the ongoing attack, Ukraine continues to supply Europe with Russian gas.

Injury at an oncology hospital - A 6-year-old was killed

His victim war in Ukraine fell Children's oncology hospital in Kiev, which was hit by Russian fire. In fact, according to CNN, a six-year-old boy was killed.


Parallel, there are reports of several injuries, with a doctor at Okhmatdyt Hospital stating that two teenagers and three adults had been beaten.

"Russian artillery fire hit the Okhmadyt Children's Cancer Hospital in Kiev, killing one child and injuring two, along with two adults.", broadcast by TSN.

Anger for the ten Greek expatriates who were killed in air raids

The continuous bombardments in the villages of Sartana and Bogaz, around Mariupol, left behind the 10 dead expatriates and wounded, among them children.

Condemnation and disgust by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs that served intense protest against the Russian ambassador, while the reaction of Kyriakos Mitsotakis was strong, who strongly urged Moscow to immediately stop bombing innocent civilians.

Apart from SWIFT, Russian banks

A new set of retaliation against Russia announced the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, which in an emergency message again condemned the aggression on the part of the Kremlin.

"We pledge that a number of Russian banks will be disconnected from SWIFT. "There will be an obstacle to Russian exports and imports.".

For its part, the Community for Global Interbank Economic Communication is preparing to implement the new measures decided by the West.

"We are cooperating with the European authorities" refers to a SWIFT announcement, which details the details of the banks that will be subject to restrictions, adding that "We are preparing to comply with official instructions".

via: Newsbeast